Mifflin County Municipal Authority

Mifflin County Municipal Authority (MCMA) serves residents in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania by providing potable drinking water, through a complex maze of over 300 miles of transmission and distribution mains; controlled in 17 different pressure zones by pressure reducing valves, pumps, and elevated water storage tanks.

MCMA provides fire protection through over 600 hydrants.  MCMA serves over 30,000 residents in the county and maintains over 11,000 billable accounts.

MCMA is continuously striving to provide quality water service and expand the water service area. A long-range capital improvement plan is updated annually. These capital improvements along with the day to day operations, system maintenance, regulatory compliance, and emergency maintenance, are the cornerstone of the MCMA mission.


Breaking News

2021 Capital Improvement Project - Ferguson Valley Road to 1st Street, Yeagertown

Mifflin County Municipal Authority (MCMA) will begin Phase 2 of a construction project for a new water line in your area. MCMA staff will be arriving on-site the week of March 29, 2021 to begin construction on the first block of the project on Ferguson Valley Road and continue to 1st Street.

This project has been coordinated and supported by Derry Township. MCMA will be replacing approximately 2800' of the existing 4” cast iron water line in the street with new 6” ductile iron pipe. As a result of this new connection with a larger water main, MCMA will also be replacing three fire hydrants along the street to better serve the area in the event of a fire.

The goal is to have the majority of the work on the first block of Mann Ave complete by the end of April. Following the completion of the water line construction, individual service lines will be transferred from the old water line to the new water line. There will be no cost to homeowners for this upgrade (Note: the service line from the curb to the house will not be replaced, as that is a private service lateral owned by the homeowner). During the transfer of service phase of the project, a Boil Water Advisory will be issued. Bacteriological testing will be completed to ensure each service line has been properly disinfected during the process. MCMA personnel will collect water samples and our lab will analyze the samples according to established regulatory procedures. Customers will be individually notified of the results.

Project schedule:

Start Date: March 29, 2021

Target Completion Date: September 30, 2021

Upcoming 2021 Capital Improvement Projects

-Laurel Creek Filtration Plant upgrades to operating and purification systems $257,320.

-Granville Township - Juniata Terrace infrastructure project $150,000.

-Meters $65,000

-Office software upgrades $60,000

Fishing Access – Laurel Creek Reservoir

Access ONLY from the abandoned US 322 road north of the dam

  • ALL 'foot' access
  • No boating of any kind is permitted
  • No wading is permitted
  • Shore fishing ONLY

NO access is permitted to the south of the box culvert,

(toward the dam), which is at the northwest corner of the reservoir.

Please obey the “No Trespassing” signs posted along the perimeter of the dam and along US 322.

Violators will be prosecuted

Facts & Figures

You can view our annual report, Operation and Maintenance of Waterworks System in it's entirety by selecting the link below.

Annual report prepared by:

Uni-Tec Consulting Engineers, Inc.
2007 Cato Avenue
State College, PA 16801


Board of Directors

MCMA is governed by a nine member Board of Directors who are appointed to staggered five-year terms by the Mifflin County Commissioners. The Board meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm at the Derry Township Municipal Building located at 73 Reserve Lane - Lewistown, PA.

Click here for the upcoming meetings scheduled for 2021.

William A Gomes - ChairmanThomas E Garver – TreasurerBarry L Bargo – Board Member
Mary E Herto – Vice ChairmanRalph E Eckley – Board MemberJeffrey L Rocco – Board Member
Michelle E Shirey - SecretaryScott A Pecht – Board MemberMelvin E Parker Jr – Board Member

Financial Information

Mifflin County Municipal Authority is providing a copy of the Independent Auditor's Report completed annually by Baker Tilly - State College, Pennsylvania and as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

This report is available for you to view in PDF format below.

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